Who We Are: 

We are the oldest member-run Committee, dedicated to upholding the Park Slope Food Coop's Environmental Policy:

"to support the best products and practices with regard to the health, safety, and preservation of humans, animals, and the overall biosphere."

What We Do:

Through educational and social engagement, such as tabling events, Gazette articles, social media, and General Meetings, we inform the membership and staff about current environmental issues that affect the Coop, the community, and the planet as a whole.

We have initiated and supported major initiatives over our 30+ year history, including:
  • Terracycle recycling program
  • Plastic bag phase out education
  • Plastic bag elimination at check out 
  • Renewable wind energy at the Coop
  • Recycled & compostable packaging
  • NYS Hydrofracking Ban
  • Animal Welfare Committee
  • Safe Food Committee
  • Bike racks for Union Street
  • Annual Earth Day event
  • Coop Environmental Policy
  • Ending bottled water sales
  • Sustainable building materials & appliances for the Coop