Tuesday, August 08, 2017

TIPS OF THE MONTH: Cleaners, drugs and pesticides, how to keep our water and gardens clean?

New York City has some of the best water in the country but we can’t afford to take it for granted. Rather than sending toxic chemicals down the drain, use non-hazardous alternatives like lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda and plant oils for household cleaning, or buy nontoxic cleaning products from the coop.

 Prescription and non-prescription drugs are released into the environment when flushed down toilets and sinks. Water from the Croton watershed, which supplies New York City with drinking water, contains detectable levels of pharmaceuticals. To find out how to dispose of drugs without polluting our water, visit www.Riverkeeper.org

Nobody wants bugs devouring their butternut squash, beetles killing their roses or poison ivy savaging
their skin. That said, Roundup and similar pesticides poison our soil, water and air – while supporting the
world’s worst agribusinesses.
Plant pest-resistant, native species and hand pull weeds. Think of it as

Thursday, May 04, 2017

News and Updates: TerraCycle Vote at May 30th GM /Change of Collection dates/ Collection guidelines

Hello Coop Members and Friends of The Environmental Committee,

 Those in support of TerraCycle please make an effort to go to the GM on MAY 30th and vote in favor on continuing this project. 

Here is the wording of the proposal to be voted on. 

Given the success, popularity, and continued requests for the plastic film collection we are making the following VOTE PROPOSAL:
—Establish a baseline annual budget of $5000 to continue an ongoing TerraCycle Fee Based Zero Waste Plastic Film collection with a caveat of up to an additional $1500 in  bridge money as approved by the General Coordinators dependent on growth of the collection. 
—Any permanent increase in the yearly budget will be taken up with the membership as needed given use, demand, and/or expansion of the Plastic Film collection.
*Please Make Note:Schedule Of Collection Change: the Saturday May 27th TerraCycle collection has been moved up to Saturday the 20th due to the Memorial Day weekend.
Plastic Film Collection Guidelines
Thank you for your support and participation in the TerraCycle Plastic Film Collection!
If you are making a deposit to the Plastic Film Collection, please be prepared to show your Coop membership card.
Please do not leave the collection until your entire deposit has been vetted, as we will return items to you that are not appropriate for the collection.
All items should be clean/rinsed as needed, and free of any food.
Please sort out all the Free Brigade items from the rest of your plastic film deposit.
Please be aware that we DO NOT ACCEPT the following:
*Dry cleaner bags
*Packing material of any kind
*Newspaper and magazine wrapping
*Packaging from products NOT PURCHASED at the Coop
*Branded packaging from any other store (e.g., Trader Joe’s, 360 WholeFoods, etc.)
*Shopping bags of any kind
*Large quantities of cling wrap or shrink wrap— – quantities must come from purchases at the Coop
*Roll bags from other stores
*Any item that can go in the Brigade collection (e.g., energy bar wrappers, cereal bag liners, etc.)
*Any other plastic not associated with Coop purchases
*Dirty, sticky plastic film or with food still on or in it
Please, if you want this collection to keep going and growing, please make a donation, especially if you are dropping off a large amount of plastic film waste.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Coop Environmental Committee is joining the “Stop Climate Change” rally in New York 4/22

Hello and Welcome to the Environmental Committee Blog.
 It's spring time and EARTH DAY is approaching.
 Due to the emergency nature of U.S. threats to the world’s efforts to reduce climate change, rather than do educational tabling for Earth Day, this year the Coop Environmental Committee is joining the “Stop Climate Change” rally in New York and asking all interested Coop members to stand with us behind the Environmental Committee banner. If you would like to be part of our presence at the Earth Day Climate Change Rally, please meet us in front of the Coop at 11:15 on Saturday, April 22 so we can travel together to Folly Square.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Re: Tip of The Month (Reusable/Recyclable)

Happy New Year! It's 2017 and time to look at how we can make our shopping trips more Eco friendly to the planet.

From the "Form Healthy Habits" website:

 Opt for Reusable Products

Reusable products are less likely to end up in landfills, reducing your impact on the environment. Plus, despite their upfront cost being slightly higher, this type of product will save you money in the long-run. Ditch the paper plates, plastic cups, and disposable grocery bags and opt for reusable items instead.

Look for Recyclable Packaging 

 You can, of course, make your shopping trips greener by looking for products packaged in recyclable or reusable packages. As far as recycling goes, take a look at the packages you are buying and look for the “recyclable” icons on the plastic or can– then make sure you actually remember to recycle when you're finished with the product. In terms of reuse, glass jars and plastic containers can be used to store buttons, craft supplies, and even leftovers. All you have to do is make a conscious effort to buy things you can work with instead of things that will simply be thrown away.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Environmental Committee's Tip of the Month!

Hello Coop Members!
Environmental Committee's Tip of the Month: 
Try Non-Toxic Cleaning Products
Combine baking soda and vinegar for kitchen and bathroom cleaning.  
Vinegar alone is great for cleaning glass windows and mirrors, as well as for getting cat odors out of fabric, wood floors or anything else.
Go online for tons of tips on cheap, nontoxic cleaning.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

TerraCycle Collection at PSFC is expanding and needs your help! Learn more and join the squad.

The TerraCycle Collection is expanding and needs YOUR help!

We currently have two work shifts, which fall on the second Wednesday of the month from 3:30 to 6:30p.m., and the fourth Saturday of the month 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.

If these shift times do not work for you to become a squad member, we still want to hear from you as we are very interested in adding new collection times. Dedicated
FTOP workers are also welcome. If you can be on a shift more times than not, we
would definitely welcome you on shifts as much as you can schedule with us.

Info about the shift:

*Shifts are very stable, 12 shifts per year, no moving around the calendar
based on work week A, B, C. or D. Shifts are set for a particular day/time of
the month and do not change.

*Enjoy working your shift with like-minded environmentally conscious Coop
members, members you work with and members who drop off their recyclables.

*This shift is a very feel good shift knowing you are making a difference and
helping members to make a difference in improving our environment.

*The shift tends to go quickly as the collection is well received by members
and we tend to be busy throughout the shift.

*For most of the year, the collections are held outside and shift workers enjoy
fresh air.

*You will get your hands dirty—not unlike work on other shifts. We have
gloves available and you can go in periodically to wash your hands in the

*There will be a few shifts where weather may be of concern.  We have a
policy to address hot, rainy, or frigid weather with consideration to workers’
comfort. More details are available if interested.

*The work of the shift does require a fair amount of standing and some light
lifting. At the end of each shift we carry or cart the boxes to the UPS store on
Flatbush and Seventh Aves

Interested in working the Wednesday or Saturday shift or starting a third collection time as your workslot? We want to hear from you! Contact Cynthia Pennycooke in the Membership Office: 718-622- 0560 AND Inquiries can be sent to rosenyny@gmail.com.  
For more information about Terracycle, visit terracycle.com.