Gowanus Canal Water Quality Summit, Session 3

The Gowanus Canal Water Quality Summit is intended to inspire dialog among participants concerning a variety of issues related to the canal’s water quality. The summit will consist of a series of four evening workshops, during which there will be 2 or 3 presentations, followed by discussion. Speakers will address issues such as contaminated sediments, sewer infrastructure, land use, green district planning and other related factors. The summit will culminate with a "Green Gowanus charette" - a participatory visioning workshop during which participants will have an opportunity to translate their ideas into a set of working recommendations.

Session 3: A green district in Gowanus?
March 29, 2007

High Performance Building and Infrastructure Guidelines

This session will discuss the various mechanisms used to develop high performance green developments and will describe the incentives and policies that are currently used to promote green development and infrastructure in New York City.

Green District Planning: Existing Schemes Embodied in the Gowanus Master Plan and Upscaling of Student Proposals

This session will discuss how specific planning policies can be used to improve water quality in the Gowanus Canal. The session will focus on specific student proposals developed for sites along the Canal, as well as some of the recommendations included in the Gowanus Canal Comprehensive Community Plan recently released by the Gowanus Canal CDC.

All sessions run from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and will be located at Polytechnic University;
Dibner Library, Room LC 400; 333 Jay Street, Brooklyn. Please visit www.poly.edu/directions for directions.

Mr. Peter Washburn*; New York City Council
Bill Donohoe; Ehrenkrantz Eckstutu & Kuhn Architects
Dr. Richard Plunz; Columbia University

*Speaker not confirmed.
Speakers, subjects, locations and
dates are subject to change.