Park Slope Computer & Electronics Recycling Day

Saturday, April 21, 10:00 - 3:00 pm
JJ Byrne Park, Fifth Ave at Fourth Street

What can be recycled?
Computers, laptops, monitors, printers, cables, fax machines, PDAs, radios, adapters, cell phones, calculators, copiers.

Why should you recycle your old equipment?
The National Safety Council estimates that 63 MILLION personal computers in the U.S. became obsolete in 2005. Computers and other electronics contain hazardous substances that can get into ground water -- CRT screens alone contain up to EIGHT POUNDS of lead! These electronics will be headed to dumps in the next few years, unless we recycle.

Where will my stuff go?
To Per Sholas, a nonprofit in the South Bronx dedicated to bridging the digital divide for low-income families. Its three primary goals are:
- Bring affordable technology to disadvataged children and families
- Train underemployed and unemployed adults to become A+ Certified computer technicians
- Provide environmentally responsible recycling of end-of-life computer equipment

Sponsored by: RecycleThis! and the Park Slope Civic Council