Ride-Sharing: A Letter from the 1/17/2008 Gazette

"To the Editor:

I’d like to suggest that a ride share message board be added to the Coop’s website. This could be similar to the shift swap message board that already exists there. People could link up with others to share rides to the Coop or work, thus cutting down on the environmental and health effects of so many vehicles on the road. Pollution from traffic contributes greatly to the already hazardous air quality in New York City. Air pollution has been linked to respiratory diseases, lung cancer, cardiac problems and premature death. Vehicle emissions also contribute to global warming. Then there is the high cost of gas and the ramifications of importing it from other countries, or potentially destroying pristine areas such as the northern part of Alaska to drill for more oil. Ride sharing is a relatively simple thing that many of us can do, with great positive impacts for everyone.

Cynthia Blayer"