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nicsteinberg said…
I just ordered biodegradable Produce Bags and trash bags and am wondering if we can have them for the Food Coop, too?
the webiste is and the link

Thanks for considering yet another small yet big step into lowering our carbon footprint and making a difference.

Nic Moore, #31609A
Maura said…
Thanks for your comment, Nic!

Biodegradable bags are definitely something we've considered recommending for the Coop. However, the problem with these bags is that to really take advantage of their biodegradability they must be composted. It's hard to tell how many Coop members are actively composting.

The way that modern landfills are constructed severely restricts the
ability of even biodegradable trash (e.g. food scraps, newspapers, etc.) to break down. These landfills are essentially closed systems -- they are not exposed to the air, which is required for
things to biodegrade.

And on the production side of the issue, much biodegradable plastic is made with corn, and potentially GMO corn.

We'll keep working on the plastic bags issue. Please let us know if you have other suggestions -- it's great to get feedback from Coop members!