Bottled Water -- Vote Tomorrow!

Are you concerned about the environmental impact that sales of bottled water have on our planet? Our committee is co-sponsoring a proposal which is on the agenda for the April 29 General Meeting, and we'd love it if you could come. We're last on the agenda, but come early for Agenda Item #2 also, which is a proposal for forming an official Bike Committee to improve bicycle parking (via valet bike parking), provide information and bicycle-related resources and products to members.

Tuesday, April 29, 7:00 p.m.
274 Garfield Place at 8th Ave. (Garfield Temple social hall)

Agenda Item #3: Bottled Water (55 minutes) Proposal:
Because selling bottled water violates our mission--polluting the environment and handing over public resources for private gain--we resolve to discontinue selling bottled water. Selling bottled water undermines support for and confidence in the public water system, which distributes our most precious common resource equitably. Plastic bottles pollute the environment, required oil and lots of water to produce and fuel to transport. They take up landfill space where toxins can leach into the water table. Selling bottled water allows corporations to exploit public resources for private gain. Bottled water is an unnecessary expense to the consumer. Unloading and schlepping bottled water is backbreaking work and shelf space could be better used.
"That the PSFC discontinue selling bottled water"
--submitted by Susan Metz, David Barouh, Lew Friedman


Elizabeth Ely said…
I'd be all for this proposal if you'd add an amendment requiring the Co-op to carry -- or special order for us -- water purification products such as reverse-osmosis filters and distillers. City water has chlorine and fluoride in it, as well as heavy metals like lead. We need more effective filters for our shower water (where steam puts the chlorine in the air) and drinking water. Thanks for listening.
Maura said…
Thanks so much for your comment, Elizabeth. Most good water filters filter out chlorine and heavy metals like lead. The Coop now carries an excellent brand--the Doulton--one model of which filters out fluoride as well.

As for reverse osmosis systems and distillers, they are usually sold mail order, which would eliminate them from being sold at the Coop. Some research might uncover models that can be sold in retail outlets, but our proposal should not be contingent on this.

Shower filters are a good idea, but this is a separate issue from our proposal, and should be considered separately. Selling them at the Coop is a great idea--we'd be happy to make that suggestion.
Anonymous said…
We might also think about reducing the amount of seltzer water bottles we sell. Consider selling seltzer makers which would allow people to make their own:
Maura said…
Thanks for your comment (and we'd love if you'd leave your name so we could respond more personally!). Carbonated waters weren't included in the original proposal. I believe we do sell canisters and dispensers at the Coop, in the exit aisle near the pet foods, I think?

Seltzers are a bit different from regular bottled water -- since they are not meant to replace plain old tap water, they do not have the same issues regarding the privatization of a public water supply.