July 29: Plastic Produce Bags @ the General Meeting

Come out to July's General Meeting and offer your opinions and suggestions regarding plastic produce bags at the Coop! Here's a more detailed description of this item on this month's GM agenda:

Item #2: How to reduce use of plastic produce bags (40 minutes)

Discussion: "Plastic bags are useful and practical, but have many adverse environmental consequences. Shopping (t-shirt) bags have been eliminated at the Coop (and other places), but produce (roll) bags are a thornier issue. We would like to brainstorm with members to solicit ideas about (a) whether we can substantially reduce the number of produce bags we use at the Coop, and (b) how to do so without making the shopping experience more inconvenient or burdensome."
--submitted by the Environmental Committee, the General Coordinators, and concerned Coop members

Feel free to offer your suggestions here on our blog, as well!