NYC's Plastic Bag Recycling Law

Starting next Wednesday, July 23rd, NYC's new Plastic Carryout Bag Recycling Law goes into effect. Here are the details on which establishments are effected:

"New York City stores that are either chain stores (more than 5 locations in the city) or are over 5,000 square feet and provide plastic carryout bags must accept all plastic bags, such as plastic carryout bags (shopping bags), newspaper bags, and dry cleaning bags, for recycling, during normal business hours, no purchase necessary. Restaurants are exempt from the law."

Since the Food Coop stopped providing plastic shopping bags for members, we're exempt from this law, too. Space is so tight in the Coop, and it's hard to imagine where we'd be able to store all of those plastic bags!

For more information, visit the city's recycling website at: