Where are the Reusable Bags in the Coop?

Now that the Coop's no longer providing plastic bags at checkout, where in the Coop can you find reusable bags?

Near the checkout:
• Lightweight but sturdy red or blue tartan plaid plastic bags with handles (& they zip!)
• New lightweight solid color plastic shopping bag with Food Coop logo

Near the wire shelves near the checkout (right by the day-old bread):
• Sturdy canvas PSFC bags (a classic!)

Near the wire shelves just below the hanging scale at the end of the bulk aisle:
• String bags (European style)
• Chico bags (nylon with its own stuff sack)
• Sturdy canvas PSFC bags (a classic!)

Up above the end cap shelves containing juicers:
• Lovely patterned cloth bags that fold into a small packet (many patterns--great as gifts)

Plus. . .
At the beginning of the produce aisle, hanging right above the mangoes:
• Reusable produce bags
• Reusable cloth (muslin) bags
• Reusable green plastic bags (keep your fruit & veggies fresh for weeks!)

Come on out to the General Meeting on Tuesday, July 29th @ 7pm at Temple Beth Elohim, 8th and Garfield Aves., and bring your ideas on how Coop members can reduce our use of the plastic roll produce bags!