Summertime, and the Reading is Easy

Looking for a good read to go with that fresh peach? With plentiful summer produce everywhere, we thought this might be a good opportunity to point out our "Green Eating" sidebar links:

Gourmet's Politics of the Plate
This blog from Gourmet Magazine covers food politics in all its forms. Recent posts address the role of high fructose corn syrup in rising obesity levels, the pros and cons of conventional vs. organic produce, and the recent food safety scares. Definitely a good read for all interested in the complex political issues around what Americans eat.

Grist's food posts
Grist is a nonprofit environmental news website that covers a wide variety of topics in eco-journalism. Their food blog editors post about many aspects of environmentalism pertaining to food, from biofuels to GMO crops, urban farming to freegans, and nearly everything in between.