PSFC Highlighted in Transportation Alternatives Monthly Magazine

In addition to the coverage it received in the November 20th, 2008 Linewaiters' Gazette, the Shop 'n' Cycle Exploratory Committee's October 18th valet parking demonstration was covered in Reclaim, the monthly magazine of the bicycle and pedestrian advocacy group Transportation Alternatives. The story appeared on page 6 of its Fall 2008 issue. And in TA's bimonthly online newsletter, StreetBeat, the same event is covered in a reprint of a Brooklyn Eagle story dated October 20, 2008, which can be read at:

The demonstration was successful enough to earn the committee another eight months of exploratory work, as voted on at the Coop's October 28, 2008 General Meeting. If valet parking could actually work, it would greatly relieve the bike parking shortage at the Coop. The addition of many new bike racks along Union Street (with input from the Environmental Committee) has helped generate so much more bike traffic that the new capacity has quickly been overwhelmed. Even on the coldest, most blustery days, one typically finds every available bike rack and street sign with bikes locked to them. So the need is there.

As to doubts expressed about the amount of work force that would be required, committee member Ken Coughlin pointed out at the General Meeting that the Coop has a fully staffed Street Squad that is at the service of the Coop's car drivers, so that we are in effect encouraging people to drive to the Coop.