Member Q&A: BPA in Cans?

Q: A member wrote to us asking about BPA in can linings. More specifically--which companies whose canned food we carry at the coop have linings that contain Bisphenol A?

A: BPA has been in the news a lot this year. A little online research turned up the following recent information, which interested coop members may find helpful.

"After all the surge in publicity and hearing from many companies, I come to the conclusion that BPA is used industry wide and unless the company consciously chooses to purchase otherwise, all cans have it. Just about the only company that consciously uses an alternative is Eden Foods." For more information see, Organic Grace

And from a food coop in Madison, Wisconsin: "Given concerns over BPA in food containers, we have contacted vendors whose products we carry to ask if they use it. ... For more information see: Willy Street Coop

On the practical side of the issue: Bisphenol A and You: 8 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to BPA

We'll try to update this as new information becomes available.