Household Goods Swap

Who needs big box stores when you can fix up your home for FREE by swapping household goods with other Coop members?

Saturday, February 7
Non-members welcome

Please follow these guidelines when choosing items to bring to the swap. All items must be clean and in good condition.

What to bring:
* Linens such as blankets, towels, sheets
* Kitchenware such as silverware, glasses, mixing bowls, etc.
* Small electronics such as telephones, clock radios, etc.
* Small lamps and appliances such as blenders and toasters
* Small rugs
* Assorted functional items--jewelry boxes, vases, picture frames, etc.

Inappropriate donations will not be accepted:
* Broken/Non-working items
* Damaged, shabby, stained or rusty items
* Items with missing pieces
* Large electronics such as computers, TVs, stereos, etc.
* Furniture
* Pillows and other items that can't be washed
* "Knick-knacks" (items with no function)

Image via IndyDina and Mr. Wonderful's Flickr pool