Recycle Brita Filters & Other #5 Plastics

Preserve, a recycled products company that makes toothbrushes, colanders and more has announced new partnerships that will help keep more plastics out of the landfill. Beginning on or around January 5, 2009, Brita water pitcher filters and CLEAN plastic items stamped with a #5, such as yogurt cups, can be mailed to Preserve or dropped off at participating Whole Foods Markets. Preserve will use the plastic in its line of products, while the filter ingredients - activated carbon and additional ion-exchange resin that reduces lead, mercury, copper, cadmium and zinc - will be regenerated for alternative use or converted into energy. For more information visit the Preserve Gimme 5 website.


Dori said…
According to the preserve website the PSFC is also a drop off location for preserve items like toothbrushes and brita filters. Is this incorrect?

If so, any chance the EC could get this started again?