New Bike Racks Installed Near Coop

The New York City Department of Traffic (DOT) Cityracks program has come through with some much needed bike parking for Union Street. Two new “double loop” type bike racks, which can accommodate four to five bicycles each, have been installed near the Dixon mural, opposite the Coop's own bike racks. And up the block near Dixon's Bike Shop, one double loop rack and three inverted “U” type racks, which can each accommodate two bicycles each, have been installed. Altogether, capacity for 18-21 bikes have been added.

The DOT installed three “double loop” CityRacks in June of 2007 after Environmental Committee requests. That capacity was quickly overwhelmed by the growing demand for bike parking. Members have inquired about the situation at General Meetings, and promised to follow up with requests. The New Shop&Cycle Committee also put in requests, which have finally paid off.

With the economic downturn bicycle use has been growing rapidly. The DOT reports that commuter cycling has doubled in the last six years and has grown 35% between 2007 and 2008. We can expect that trend to continue along with growth in Coop membership. It would not be surprising if the newly added bicycle parking capacity is quickly used up.

If you know of a location that is in need of bike parking you can make a request online using the DOT's CityRacks Suggestion Form.