Sustainable Cities Lectures this Summer

Hop the free ferry to Governor's Island on Saturdays this summer to catch free lectures on a variety of environmentally-friendly topics, sponsored by the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities.

"This summer's lecture series includes expert speakers on a variety of topics, including a workshop on how to start composting (yes, even in a New York City apartment!), how to eat locally while saving money and eating better, top tips on how to make your home more energy efficient and save bundles of money in the process, easy ways to green your workplace, a workshop on how to grow a mini garden in your apartment or on your fire escape (and, of course, in a community garden), and info from experts on the best places to bike in New York City (and how to take care of your bike so it lasts longer than everyone else's), among many more!"

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Image from jonmeyer's Flickr pool.