Watershed/Gas Drilling Update

Last weeks City Council meeting, focusing on the prospect of hydraulic fracture drilling in the NY watershed, was very exciting. It was great to see the political figures, as well as environmentalists and concerned citizens, speak out against drilling. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer gave a rousing presentation, ending with "Kill the Drill!" Check out his Kill the Drill campaign and related Facebook group--it will keep you up-to-date on a lot of developments.

Several speakers at the hearing pointed out that giving the public only 60 days to review the 805 page SGEIS is absurd, and what was the rush? Governor Patterson and the gas companies seem anxious to start drilling ASAP. An alliance of environmental groups in NY have gotten together and started a petition to tell Governor Paterson that there are too many dangers and unknowns in the hydraulic fracture drilling process, it will put our water supply, our upstate farmland and the health of over 9 million New Yorkers at risk, and we request a state-wide ban on hydraulic fracture drilling for gas.

Tuesday, November 10 at 7pm is the second of 4 public hearings, a chance for people to comment on the SGEIS. So far, it is the only one in NYC. It will be at the Stuyvesant High Auditorium, 345 Chambers Street, at North End Ave (west of West St) in Manhattan . While there is the hope that the comment period will be extended beyond November 30, right now that is the deadline we are working with, so it is important for people to attend the meeting if possible and/or comment online.