Community Gardens Divert Leaves from the Trash Bin to the Compost Bin

NYCLeaves: Project LeafDrop, a new coalition of community gardens and greening groups dedicated to diverting fallen leaves from the trash bin to the compost bin, is building a growing network of community gardens that will take in some of the 20,000 tons of residential leaves that would otherwise go to landfills and is turning them into beautiful, rich compost or mulch for garden beds and street trees. Community gardens participating in “Project LeafDrop” are inviting neighborhood residents to bring their bagged leaves (in paper or clear plastic bags without twigs or trash) to their gardens on specific dates in November and early December. The gardeners will use these “browns” to improve the balance of their compostable materials or share them with other groups working to enrich undernourished urban open spaces.

Master Composters will be available at many of the participating gardens with information about how to make nutritious “brown gold” compost in your own garden, yard or apartment and the convenience and importance of recycling.

Garden groups wishing to join Project LeafDrop and register as drop-off sites, to find specific drop-off dates at a participating garden near you, or for more information about Project LeafDrop, see the group's website: or email them at