Recycling During the Holidays

You can recycle much of the paper generated during the holidays:

Recycle your holiday cards and promotional mail. This time of year, we get inundated with mail and catalogs. When you’re done with these, recycle them with your mixed paper and cardboard. Do this year round with all unwanted mail!

Recycle paper gift wrap and cardboard boxes. Paper gift wrap and cardboard tubes are recyclable. So are the cardboard boxes that contain your presents. Recycle these along with your other mixed paper and cardboard.

You can also recycle many of the beverage containers that hold your favorite holiday drinks, such as wine and beer bottles. You can even recycle the carton that holds your eggnog. Recycle these along with other designated metal, glass, and plastic recyclables.

Also, consider reusable totes, boxes or scarves to wrap your gifts.
If you use wrapping paper, the Coop has a selection of recycled wrapping paper as well as cards.

Check the Department of Sanitation's holiday collection schedule to know when to set out your recyclables.

For more green holiday tips, see NYC Wasteless.