Coal Country: The Film

Where: The Community Church
The Gallery at John Haynes Holmes House
28 East 35th Street, Manhattan

When: Friday, January 8, 2009 at 7 pm
suggested donation $5

Coal Country (85 minutes)
Have you hiked in the Appalachian Mountains? This beautiful region is being destroyed, mountain by mountain, by coal mining. "Modern" methods take shortcuts not envisioned by coal miners of the past--the heavy machinery removes the whole top of the mountain! Toxic chemicals used by present day mining corporations inflict further damage on the community and the environment. Learn more about this and how your choices can help.

Presented by Future Visions film and discussion series. The Future Visions Film/Discussion Series was created by Sierra Club NYC Group, Neighborhood Energy Network, Beyond Oil NYC, and Tri-State Food Not Lawns as a vehicle to educate and then engage people in discussion about environmental issues. In partnership with local groups, the Future Visions series is being presented in locations throughout New York City.