New Year's Plastic-Free Resolution

This is the year to make a resolution that will have real impact on your health, your budget, and your community, too!

Take small steps to reduce your plastic consumption. Start by signing the Environmental Committee’s new Plastic-Free Pledge.

In a recent Linewaiters' Gazette article, the Environmental Committee reported on the PSFC’s plastic bag consumption in terms of cost, health, and environmental impact [The Plastic Elephant in the Bulk Aisle - PDF]

We learned that the PSFC currently spends $33,823.27 and consumes 3,359,520 plastic bulk and produce bags annually. This economic burden and devastating environmental impact can be easily reduced through small changes from PSFC members.

When you use a plastic bag to hold your lettuce or buy a bag of noodles encased in plastic packaging take a moment to think about where that plastic will end up.

Photo: National Geographic

Plastic does not biodegrade. Every piece of plastic ever made is still in existence, floating in oceans or collecting in landfill sites, killing wildlife and leaching toxic chemicals into our water and soil.

On your next shopping trip, ask this question: “Will this item return to the earth to nourish new life and new growth?” If not, consider making one small step toward your Plastic-Free Resolution.
  • Use re-usable muslin bags instead of plastic for your bulk and produce.
  • Choose biodegradable or compostable products and packaging over plastic.
  • Buy bulk instead of plastic-packaged convenience items.
Learn more about your plastic waste from Capt. Charles Moore or watch this excerpt from the documentary Message in the Waves.