NY Watershed Action Update

You can still sign the petition to ban hydrofracture drilling in New York State (and ask others to sign as well!)

From Pro Publica:
Environmentalists, state regulators and even energy companies agree that the problem most likely to slow natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale in New York is safely disposing of the billions of gallons of contaminated wastewater the industry will produce.

Between 1,500 and 2,500 wells per year could eventually be drilled into the huge natural gas reserve, state regulators say, although other estimates are far higher. Each well will produce about 1.2 million gallons of wastewater that can contain chemicals introduced during the drilling process and dredged up from deep within the earth. Using the state’s higher estimate, that means the industry will have to find a way to dispose of as much as 3 billion gallons a year, enough to fill 5,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Read the rest of Pro Publica's critique of the proposed wastewater disposal.


janice said…
I remember first seeing windmills and thinking why would you want those on your beach?
Now I am asking why would we want hydofracking?
I'm learning about hydrofracking and I want to know what would SELL me on this idea?