Tree Care & Compost Lessons

Saturday, May 15
The Old Stone House
5th Ave & 4th St., Park Slope

Tree Care 10 am - 1 pm: Tree bed gardening on the south side (4th St) of Washington Park by our new farm garden. Help plant a tree garden bed and learn more about how to care for trees.

Free cookies and coloring books for the children and home-made biscuits for the dogs - as long as they last.

Making City Soil Sweet!
BBG Master Composters Julia Kim and Liz Neves will answer your compost questions. Sign-up for vermi-compost materials between 10am and 1pm. Instant garden bed-building demonstration at 11am. The sheet mulch - or lasagna gardening -technique uses on site materials to create new garden space or improve a weedy area. Also called "lazy bed" gardening because it is so easy.

12 pm: Vandra Thorburn will introduce a revolutionary way of handling food waste based on the Japanese method of fermenting organic matter called bokashi. Her business, Vokashi – kitchen waste solution – is a unique service to help households, small businesses and catering companies recycle their food waste.

* no smell, no bad odors

* no bugs, flies or pests

* convenient kitchen container

* add to your compost bin, or

* call for collection service

Vokashi provides buckets and bran to households, small businesses and catering companies. They collect full buckets of fermented food waste and plant as natural microbial enriched fertilizer in gardens, farms, parklands, or produce nutrient-enriched top soils and mulches.