Genetically Engineered Salmon?

The FDA is set to approve Genetically Engineered (GE) salmon, and will not require any labeling, so consumers will have no idea whether or not they are eating GE salmon. What's wrong with that? Well, for one thing, the long-term health effects of genetically modified foods are not known--we are serving as part of the experiment. People should have a choice whether or not they want to take their chances with this technology--without any labelling, we have no choice.

To make matters worse, the FDA is refusing to allow companies to advertise their products as GMO free (the ones that are). A recent Washington Post article quotes Rep. Kucinich as asking whose interests the FDA is protecting, consumers or industry. There may be another issue, namely the first amendment, if the FDA is not allowing the companies that sell non-GMO products to make true statements -- a very odd concept no matter what the reasoning, and seemingly unconstitutional.