Monday, Dec. 13 Press Conference

MONDAY DEC. 13th, 12 noon
NYC Office of Gov Paterson
633 Third Avenue @ 41st Street

Join Mark Ruffalo, members of the NY State Senate and residents of Dimock, PA to demand that the moratorium include vertical wells!

On Saturday, Governor Paterson vetoed the moratorium that tens of thousands of people fought for months to pass. Instead of signing the bill into law, Paterson issued an Executive Order that prohibits horizontal hydraulic fracturing for seven months but allows vertical fracking (which has already started) to continue.

Let's not underestimate it: NY is the first state to issue any kind of timeout on hydro-fracking, but Paterson's order is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Vertical hydraulic fracturing presents a real threat to people across New York—just ask the residents of Dimock, PA, where contamination was caused by vertical fracking.

And now that the industry has been prohibited from drilling horizontal wells for the next seven months, gas companies plan to cover New York state in vertical wells! The devastation could be just as bad—if not worse—than what horizontal drilling would cause.

Tomorrow we're going to demand answers from Governor Paterson! Join us at the Governor's NYC office at 12 noon Monday December 13th. Mark Ruffalo, NY State Senator Liz Krueger, and Craig and Julie Sautner of Dimock, PA will be there to tell the Governor to close the "Paterson Loophole" for vertical wells NOW.