Italy Bans Plastic Bags

Beginning 1/1/11, shopkeepers in Italy can no longer give out plastic bags, though they can use up their remaining stock. The environmental group Legambiente estimates each Italian consumes about 300 plastic bags a year, and that 180,000 tons of gasoline would be saved if everyone used just
10 bio-degradable bags a year for their shopping.

Other countries with bans include:
  • Mexico City last year banned shops from giving out plastic bags that are not bio-degradable.

  • France also imposed a similar law.

  • China has adopted a strict limit on plastic bags, reducing litter and eliminating the use of 40 billion bags.

  • In Tanzania, selling the bags carries a maximum six-month jail sentence and a fine of 1.5 million shilling ($1,137).

  • Mumbai, India, outlawed plastic bags in 2000

  • Cities in Australia, South Africa and Taiwan have imposed bans or surcharges.

  • Ireland was able to reduce plastic bag use by 90 percent after imposing a fee on each one--money from the fee went to environmental work.

Information from CNN Online. Photo courtesy of Warminster People.