A Month of Less Plastic

Use Less Plastic from TakePart on Vimeo.

We're going to participate in Rodale's Plastic Free February. Like sugar, caffeine and other addictive substances, using plastic has become a habit for many. Individuals are not to blame when stores and manufacturers use the substance so freely. But individuals can take control of their own lives and try living without plastic (or as little as possible) for the month of February.

Why? Many reasons, including Rodale's top three:
  • Plastic is from either petroleum or natural gas, two nonrenewable resources extracted in ways that pollute our air and water.

  • Plastic manufacturers add chemicals to certain types of plastics that can be highly toxic, like bisphenol A and phthalates.

  • Very few types of plastic are widely recycled.
Plus, let us add that an enormous amount of plastic ends up in the oceans, strangling and starving birds, seals and other sea and shore dwellers.

So join us in learning to live plastic free. Rodale's Plastic Free February site has great tips and information.