We Would Like Your Input!

At the 2/24/11 General Meeting the Environmental Committee presented a Committee Report about the need to reduce plastic consumption at the PSFC and outlined concerns that affect members, including:
  • Financial Waste
  • Environmental Devastation
  • Health Toxicity
  • Social Injustice
If you missed the GM meeting, please download and review our slide show [PDF].

We are formulating a proposal to reduce plastic consumption and we want to hear from you.

What would help you to change your shopping routine to consume less plastic?


jesse.anne.o said…
One of the things I've wanted to start doing is bringing in containers for bulk (things like nutritional yeast don't do so well in my produce bags). Can we get a weighing station or some method for getting a tare on our jars/containers before we check out?

Like this:

I also wish the nuts/fruit/tea that are in the pre-bagged section were just regular bulk items. Half the times I end up buying more or less than I need/want because the amounts don't match what I need.
Annika said…
I agree with the comment above in regards to bulk items. It would be great to fill our own containers with teas, spices, etc.

Another Earth Day resolution of mine is to start refilling my Dr Bronners bottles by purchasing the gallon jugs.

And my latest pet peeve: Annie Chun's seaweed snacks. They are clearly selling like hot cakes at the coop but what a waste of packaging!!! The plastic that contains the seaweed is not a #1 or a #6 so we can't even bring it back on recycling days. It's a real shame. I think the coop has to be more proactive in deciding what products to sell based on their packaging.
Annika said…
Oh yes one more thing - I think we need more cereal variety in bulk. Not just granolas and meuslis. Personally I don't eat that type of cereal which forces me to buy the boxed varieties.
mmesand said…
I'd like to see paper or waxed paper bags available in the produce section - it's hard when non-recyclable plastic is the ONLY thing available to put a head of wet lettuce into!