New Committee Forming

Our friends Jesse Oldham and Patrick Kwan, who are trying to start an Animal Welfare committee at the Coop, are finally on the agenda for a vote. Please attend the Tuesday, March 29 General Meeting if you want to help vote this committee into existence. Please pass on the information to others who may be interested in this committee. More information about the upcoming agenda is on page 10 of the March 10 Linewaiters' Gazette.

While the Environmental Committee is very concerned with the conditions of the farms we use to supply eggs, dairy, chicken and meat, sources of fish, and other products that contain animal ingredients, we have limited resources to delve too deeply in these matters. Jesse and Patrick both work for large non-profits (ASPCA, Humane Society) and will be able to research and provide the Park Slope Food Coop members and coordinators with much more information than we can. We look forward to working with them.

You can email Jesse and Patrick at if you have any questions about the committee.


Michael said…
Has this committee been granted an okay?
Cynthia said…
Yes, the committee was voted into existence at the last GM.