Early Earth Day at Coop

(Early) Earth Day!
Sunday, April 10
9:00 am – 3:00 pm
in front of the Park Slope Food Coop

The Environmental Committee will be tabling outside the Coop along with members of the Safe Food Committee, Recycling Committee and GMO Shelf Labeling Squad.

~ Stop by and talk to committee members.
~ Pick up some of our great handouts.
~ Bring your old batteries—we’ll collect them for recycling.
(spent alkaline batteries size AAA through D and nine volts only).

The Recycling committee will be collecting number 5 takeout containers to donate to CHIPS Soup Kitchen where they are really needed so that people can take food with them when they leave. The containers would just need to be clean, large, sturdy, and have lids.

image courtesy of Paul Lowry