Say No to Food Coop GMOs

The GMO Shelf Labelling Committee is very concerned about how many Coop products contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). U.S. Manufacturers do not have to include information about GMOs on their labels—that's why the MO committee investigates and puts warning labels on our shelves. Advocates are also trying to enact more truthful labelling laws.

The amount of products we have with GMOs is staggering, and this goes against the Coop's mission statement, which says:
"Sell no products that are genetically engineered or contain products of genetic engineering, except that sales of genetically engineered products shall not be discontinued unless there is a similarly priced equivalent product that is not genetically engineered. Genetically engineered products for which there are adequate substitutes as described above shall be replaced as quickly as possible by the substitute product."
Read more of the Food Coop's environmental policy.

See the GMO committee's new brochure on their blog, urging members to speak up and say, "No!" to GMOs.