To Do: Write the DEC Before December 12

We have until December 12 to comment on the Supplementary Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS)--after that hydrofrack drilling can begin in New York State, unless our comments make it clear that the proposed regulations are not sufficient. Hydrofrack drilling will endanger our water supply, the organic farms we work with upstate, the land of property owners as well as the general environment in New York State.

The SGEIS is a large, technical document (several hundred pages). If you can come to one of our upcoming workshops at the Food Coop, we will assist you in writing a letter then and there.

If you want to get started writing on your own, here is a valuable resource suggesting the different topics you might want to comment on. If you can, please write to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) now. If the SGEIS is accepted on December 12, gas drilling companies will start drilling.

image courtesy of Julian Stark