Saturday Fracking Comment Workshop

If you're at the coop this weekend, why not stop at the workshop to help you write an effective letter to the DEC commenting on their proposed fracking regulations:

Saturday, November 19: 2-4 pm

Individual letters make a difference--the DEC is required to read every one, whereas form letters are merely counted. The deadline for submitting comments is December 12--fracking may start in early 2012 if we don't speak up.

We will help you complete a letter at the workshop and mail it for you.
Stop by at any point during the workshop sessions.

One more session will be held right after Thanksgiving:
Saturday, Nov. 26: 1–3 pm

Bring friends—coop members and non-members are welcome!

We are very, very lucky to have access to clean, drinkable tap water in New York. Let's not take it for granted and assume that this problem will go away or that someone else will take care of it. Everyone's help is needed.