Recycling Egg Cartons

Q. Member Jessica writes: Is there a way to recycle egg cartons? I put mine in with the mixed paper recycling, but it seems like we could ship empty cartons back to the farmers.

A. Cardboard egg cartons can certainly be recycled with mixed paper in the NYC's curbside recycling. Also, there are some farmers at the greenmarket who accept egg carton returns, either cardboard or the ones made of polystyrene. See for a list of NYC farmers market locations, including seasonal schedules. The smaller-scale farmers are generally more able to accommodate a hodge-podge of colors and styles in egg carton reuse, and simply pop their own label on top of the old one.


Don Wiss said…
Yes, some farmers at the Greenmarkets will reuse egg cartons. But only the farmers that do not wash their eggs. Ones that wash them will want to use clean cartons.

Unwashed eggs last longer.

The closest Greenmarket to the Coop is Grand Army. Ray Bradley there does not wash his eggs.