People and Plastic: Take THAT, Plastic Bags

Many people are taking action to reduce usage of disposable plastic, or to document or begin to rectify the damage already done by our overuse and careless disposal of plastics.  Beth Terry of  My Plastic Free Life, Captain Charles Moore, discoverer of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and the people at 5 Gyres come to mind.  Numerous others have joined the ranks.  They have a lot to share with us.

Annie Leonard, best known for "The Story of Stuff," recently began doing podcasts.  In her first, "Take THAT, Plastic Bags," she interviews two people.  They are Andy Keller, the founder of Chico Bags, and Rose Timmer, the activist who spearheaded the multi-year efforts leading to the Brownsille, Texas, ban on plastic bags.  Annie also shares her own thoughts on plastic and activism.  It's a fascinating and inspiring listen.

Listen to it here.

Do you know of someone taking action on plastic issues in a creative, inspiring, or unusual way?  Please share with us.

Photo by, on flickr