Reusable Bags Discount for Coop Members

In honor of Earth Day, several of our vendors have agreed to give discounts to Park Slope Food Coop members who would like to buy reusable bags, some not currently carried by the Coop.
  • Ecobags will give coop members a 15% off all produce bag orders from 4/21/12 - 5/30/12. The code is for this discount is 2012PSED and must be used on a minimum order of $25.00 not including shipping. (You can get together with friends to order if you want to order a smaller amount).

  • Chicobags is offering a 25% discount—one time per person—with the code ParkSlope25. This offer expires May 30, 2012.
You must order directly through these companies' websites—not the Food Coop.


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