Can You Recycle This?

Question: Which of the following items are recycleable?
  1. hair
  2. blue jeans
  3. wine
  4. cotton swabs
  5. crayons
  6. keys
Answer: All of them!

Keys are made of valuable metal. Keys For Kindness is a small, family-run program designed to raise money through metal key recycling for the Multiple Sclerosis society.

Wine really is a zero-waste beverage. Its bottle can by recycled in a glass program, and ReCORK America has drop-off locations for corks at local Whole Foods stores.

Jeans to your local Goodwill, but if they are too worn to be reused they can be recycled into other products. Companies like Green Jeans Insulation and Bonded Logic manufacture insulation products from recycled denim and cotton fibers. The Grand Army Plaza and other local greenmarkets accept fabric donations as well.

► Read more about these less-known recycleables at Earth911



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