Solar Sandy

Those who erroneously assert that such environmentally friendly power sources as solar are impractical  apparently overlooked the kind of conditions found in some coastal NYC neighborhoods since Sandy.  After flooding, using electricity from the grid is impossible until all electric has been replaced and approved.   This is  one situation in which solar can do what grid electricity cannot:  simply provide power.

Mobile solar generators provided by the Solar Sandy Project are already helping  New Yorkers left without electricity by Sandy's flooding.  The solar generators, brought in by truck and set up in community gathering places in the Rockaways, Queens, Red Hook, Brooklyn, and Midland Beach,  Staten Island, make it possible for people to charge phones, power tools, and laptops, heat food, and run other critical equipment.

At the Solar Sandy Project's website you can see a map of the solar installations, look at photographs, find about about volunteering, or follow links to donate or to reach the organizations that banded together to form the Solar Sandy Project.

photo courtesy of Jason A. Howie, on flickr