Park Slope Food Coop's Roll Bag Phase Out

The Environmental Committee of the Park Slope Food Coop is responsible for monitoring and assisting change towards more sustainable environmental practices.  It should also provide the fuel which keeps pushing the coop's environmental consciousness "envelope" and continue to set a visible example for coops, stores and our city.  It has done this since its founding and we hope will continue to do so.  This isn't the whole purpose of the coop, but it's one of it's stated missions. 

The Environmental Committee will provide education where needed, and find answers to all the concerns which have been brought forth about the plastic roll bag phase out.

With all of us working together for more real environmental change, we can make it happen, without the coop or its members suffering any ill effects.

Please see the post on this blog about the coop's General Meeting on May 28th and vote to make the coop ever more responsible to the environment and to all of our members' needs.