Fracking? It’s in the (Plastic) Bag!

Our Coop (PSFC) opposes hydraulic fracturing— fracking—in New York State, and for good reasons.

Fracking threatens NYC drinking water and upstate farmers’ ability to grow the healthy, affordable foods PSFC mem- bers have long relied on.

What does this have to do with plastic bags?

Many plastic bags are made from fracked gas! As fracking products, they contribute to the viability of fracking. Increased fracking will bring more frack-made bags. When we gobble up frack-produced consumer goods, we provide the excuse frackers need to expand their activities.

Read more in the recent Environmental Committee Report on page 5 of the Linewaiter's Gazette.


I support the phase out of the clear plastic bags.
Who cares what Joe Holtz or Ann Herpel think? The Linewaiter's Gazzette devoted a lot of space to their opinions. I was sorry to see that.
If we all have an equal vote on this issue, their voice is no less and no more important than yours or mine.
Do Joe and Ann think that they are more important than everyone else, and that we will believe everything they say, and do everything they tell us to do?
In the spirtit of a coop, I find their use of the newspaper in this way offensive and condescending.