Update on Fracking interview with Wes Gillingham of Catksill Mountain Keeper by Ilyana Kadushin

Ilyana: What can we as the Coop Community do to help this cause?

Wes: There’s a lot you can do. Take a look at the COMPENDIUM OF SCIENTIFIC, MEDICAL, AND MEDIA FINDINGS DEMONSTRATING RISKS AND HARMS OF FRACKING, compiled by the group Concerned Health Professionals of New York, and educate yourself as to the many reasons why fracking is impacting our health and environment. Make phone calls to Governor Cuomo asking him to ban fracking in New York.

" The issue of health impacts from the buildout of infrastructure itself deserves a comprehensive Health Impact Assessment.We should be asking our elected representatives in Albany to make this happen now because the infrastructure buildout is already happening. "  
This is a critical issue that our state leaders need to be looking at more closely.  And take a look at where your money is, and vote with your dollars. If you have investments in companies that build pipelines or otherwise are contributing to our continued dependence on fossil fuels, pull that money out and put it somewhere else, with a more socially responsible company or cause. Reach out to other local organizations or groups that are involved in the climate and renewable energy movement, and find out about other opportunities to get out and make your voice heard.