Feb. 28th Next TerraCycle Collection at Park Slope Food Coop

Hello Coop Members,
Want to help do your part to keep more waste out of landfills? Here is your second chance to bring items to a TerraCycle Collection. February 28th 2pm-4pm at Park Slope Food Coop. See you there!

Here is what you can bring:

1) Plastic sandwich bags
and small plastic bulk bags (NOT large roll or shopping bags) 
2) Baby food pouches & caps (any brand) 3) Cereal bag liners (plastic liners from cereal, crackers, bulk cereal bags, and similar liners)
4) Energy bar wrappers (any brand)
5) Toothpaste tubes & caps (any brand)
6) Brita water filters & components
NOTE: No need to clean, rinse, or remove stickers.