New Year News: Coop members can help protect Adirondack Park

Have you heard of the Adirondack park? Spent time there to appreciate it's majestic beauty? It's a six-million-acre National treasure.
The Adirondack Park includes New York's Forest Preserve in Upstate New York. Unlike most preserves, about 52 per cent of the land is privately-owned. The Nature Conservancy bought a piece of this land (called Boreas Ponds) from a timber company, and now NY STATE is going to buy the land for the public – you and me! Right now the park's coalition is working with the governor on the protection details for this piece of land. (Bottom line – motors or no motors.)
Governor Cuomo has an historic opportunity to create a world-renowned, spectacular motor-free area covering more than 280,000-contiguous acres in the heart of the Adirondack Park. The Governor needs to hear from thousands of people like you who want to protect our Adirondack legacy and support Wilderness. CLICK HERE AND Please sign the petition today!
 And Click here to listen to an interview with Diane White Fish, Deputy Director of Adirondack Council, about why they need Coop members to become Advocates for this land!
*On SATURDAY FEBRUARY 6th from 12pm to 2pm, members of the Environmental Committee will be at Coop to collect signatures and can share information about this issue. If you are shopping then come by see us across from egg area.


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