News and Updates: TerraCycle Vote at May 30th GM /Change of Collection dates/ Collection guidelines

Hello Coop Members and Friends of The Environmental Committee,

 Those in support of TerraCycle please make an effort to go to the GM on MAY 30th and vote in favor on continuing this project. 

Here is the wording of the proposal to be voted on. 

Given the success, popularity, and continued requests for the plastic film collection we are making the following VOTE PROPOSAL:
—Establish a baseline annual budget of $5000 to continue an ongoing TerraCycle Fee Based Zero Waste Plastic Film collection with a caveat of up to an additional $1500 in  bridge money as approved by the General Coordinators dependent on growth of the collection. 
—Any permanent increase in the yearly budget will be taken up with the membership as needed given use, demand, and/or expansion of the Plastic Film collection.
*Please Make Note:Schedule Of Collection Change: the Saturday May 27th TerraCycle collection has been moved up to Saturday the 20th due to the Memorial Day weekend.
Plastic Film Collection Guidelines
Thank you for your support and participation in the TerraCycle Plastic Film Collection!
If you are making a deposit to the Plastic Film Collection, please be prepared to show your Coop membership card.
Please do not leave the collection until your entire deposit has been vetted, as we will return items to you that are not appropriate for the collection.
All items should be clean/rinsed as needed, and free of any food.
Please sort out all the Free Brigade items from the rest of your plastic film deposit.
Please be aware that we DO NOT ACCEPT the following:
*Dry cleaner bags
*Packing material of any kind
*Newspaper and magazine wrapping
*Packaging from products NOT PURCHASED at the Coop
*Branded packaging from any other store (e.g., Trader Joe’s, 360 WholeFoods, etc.)
*Shopping bags of any kind
*Large quantities of cling wrap or shrink wrap— – quantities must come from purchases at the Coop
*Roll bags from other stores
*Any item that can go in the Brigade collection (e.g., energy bar wrappers, cereal bag liners, etc.)
*Any other plastic not associated with Coop purchases
*Dirty, sticky plastic film or with food still on or in it
Please, if you want this collection to keep going and growing, please make a donation, especially if you are dropping off a large amount of plastic film waste.