Getting Started with Composting

It's finally summertime, which means that it's a great time of year to get started with composting. Whether you're spending the season harvesting from your garden or just want to deal with your kitchen scraps, composting is an easy way to reduce the amount of garbage sent to landfills and enrich your soil to boot!

There are several different ways to compost your food and garden waste. Some use one of the many types of outdoor compost bins, and others prefer vermiculture: indoor composting with red wiggler worms. The New York City Compost Project's website has loads of great information to help you get started with composting right here in the city, including a schedule of composting workshops, reduced-price bins, and more.

And if composting at home isn't right for you, check out our list of community gardens and other locations that accept food/garden waste for composting.

Image courtesy of normanack's Flickr pool.