Electronics Recycling FAQ

Q: Member Anne writes, "I'm a PSFC member and love your blog. I was wondering if any electronics recycling events are planned for the future. If not, do you know of a local responsible electronics recycler?"

A: Unfortunately, the city's Department of Sanitation has suspended their electronics recycling events due to budget cuts. However, here are some options:

  • If you are talking about cellphones, calculators, or other handheld electronic devices, you can drop them off at 3R Living in Park Slope. See the last sentence on their "About Us" page.

  • You can drop off your old computer and peripherals (keyboards, mice, printers, etc.) at any Goodwill store or donation site for FREE. Goodwill accepts any brand, in any condition. Equipment will be responsibly recycled, thanks to RECONNECT, a partnership between Dell and Goodwill. Residents are responsible for removing data from hard drives.

  • The Lower East Side Ecology Center will be having e-waste collection events again after the holidays in January 2010. The dates will be posted on their website.

  • If you want to recycle computers and other larger equipment, you can drop it off at Per Scholas in the Bronx. Or, if there are more than 25 computers, they will come and pick them up.

  • For comprehensive information about donating your computer for reuse, about manufacturer and retailer take-back programs, and a look forward to early 2010 when NYC's Electronic Equipment Collection, Recycling and Reuse Act takes effect, see the Department of Sanitation's web site.


Chris said…
There's also a group accepting electronics for recycling at the Mr. Rubbish/self storage site on 9th St next to the entrance to Lowes. I'm not sure exactly what their hours are. I believe they are affiliated with Per Scholas, so you might be able to get more information from them.
Chris said…
I walked past the Mr. Rubbish recycling center today. It's at 88 9th St (between 3rd Ave and Smith, East of the entrance to Lowes). Their hours are 10-3 every day. Phone number is 1-800-MR RUBBISH.

There's also ePlanet eWaste at 128 10th Street (between 3rd and 4th Ave). They're open M-F 8-5.

Both of these places will charge you to take large electronics like computers.
Maura Smale said…
Hi Chris, thanks for that electronics recycling info, it's very useful!