Pre-Earth Day Tabling Recap

Our pre-Earth Day tabling was a success and a lot of fun. The Environmental Committee was joined by members of the Recycling Squad and GMO Shelf Labeling Squad to hand out information and talk to coop members. We really enjoy the chance to exchange information and hear members’ concerns and questions.

Some of the issues we focused on were hydrofracking and the current pending legislation that we are trying to support, the variety of things you can recycle and where and our efforts to reduce plastic consumption at the coop.

Committee member Jenna Spevack had an exhibit showing how many plastic bags we use in an hour at the coop: 383. That’s 3,359,520 per year at an annual cost of $33,823.27! We are looking for member feedback on how to cut down on our plastic use.

Please write to us with any questions or ideas you may have about these or other issues.