People and Plastic: The Plastic Free Chef

Many people are taking action to  reduce or eliminate use of disposable plastic.  One of these is Mary Kat.

"I try to live a plastic-free life for environmental reasons and health reasons.  I have a passion for food and a passion for cooking and baking.  At the beginning, the hardest part of living plastic-free was cooking.  I thought that I would have to give up all my favorite foods and eat only cabbage and eggs for the rest of my life, but it turned out that I was  very wrong," says The Plastic Free Chef, 17-year-old Mary Kat.

From that starting point, Mary Kat proceeded to figure out how to use much less plastic in buying, storing, and preparing foods, and to write an engaging and informative blog on the subject.  She offers tips on shopping for and storing food without plastic, and also posts well-illustrated plastic-free recipes such as ones for homemade goldfish, various breakfast foods,  roasted asparagus, ricotta cheese, and many more.

She's refreshing and fun to read.  If you like to cook and eat, and want to use less plastic in the kitchen, check out her blog.

One hopes that there are many more teenagers like Mary Kat out there.  If so, our future may be in good hands.

For more on other plastic activists, see this earlier post.

Do you know of someone taking action on plastic issues in a creative, inspiring, or unusual way?  Please share with us.

Photo by suavehouse113, on flickr