A Zero Waste Family

While most Americans dispose of about a half ton of garbage per year, the Johnson family in California has only a handful of waste every six months. Seems incredible, doesn't it? The Earth911 article about this remarkable family, stresses several basic factors in their ability to reduce waste:
1. Buying in bulk (i.e. no individually wrapped items)
2. Using reusable bags and containers at all times
3. Buying only what you really need
4. Avoiding any purchases containing or wrapped in plastic
5. Getting off catalogue and junk mail lists
Bea Johnson, the mom of the family, says that shopping is like voting. She chooses environmentally sound products and does not "vote" for ones that are disposable or overly packaged.

While she does write to manufacturers to request that they alter the packaging or other aspects of their products, Bea says that living a zero waste lfestyle is neither time consuming nor expensive.

Bea Johnson is using a mesh produce bag for her vegetables (in the photo above left). These and other produce bags are available at a discount to PSFC members until May 30.

the article for more great tips on approaching a zero waste lifestyle.